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Wrap Around Quad Trunk

The Tamarack Wrap Around Quad Trunk... the most imitated quad trunk on the market.  The difference between us and the imitators is the high impact polyethelene construction.  Engineered and designed to be 50 - 100% thicker than 94% of the competitiors. 

The  " wrap" has the largest storage capacity of the Tamarack line.  Designed to comfortably hold over 250 pounds.  However, we caution you not to exceed the manufacturer's specifications.  Check your manual.

Feel free to spray wash your quad trunk - without soaking the contents.


 Suggested Retail  $ 374.95 CDN

(A)  Height:  14"

(B)  Length: 34 1/2"

(C) Side Width: 21 1/2"

(D) Centre Width: 13 3/4"



Special Features Of The Tamarack Wrap-Around Quad Trunk

. Ultra-Durable Polyethylene will not crack, warp or dent under extreme  climates.