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Front Cool-R

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a “cooler” cooler…anywhere.  The Tamarack™ Cool-R™ (pronounced “cooler”) is a storage box with a low-profile center that includes 2, 6-pack (4.73 litre) size coolers strapped inside.  The low-profile center area  can be used for miscellaneous storage space for tow straps, first aid kits, deer scent, tools, flares, and more.  Only packing a small lunch?  Replace one of the coolers with a tackle box, a stack of clean clothes, or other items you wish to tie down safely.  The Tamarack™ Front Cool-R™ serves as a perfect addition to anyone requiring insulated and/or non-insulated storage space which is stylish, rugged, and made specifically for sport/utility ATVs.

The Tamarack™ Front Cool-R™ looks excellent with any Tamarack™ rear box and provides insulated storage space, with minimal headlight interference if your headlight is on the handlebars!  Now you can get rid of that bulky, unsightly cooler on your rack and have everything you need, all in one attractive ATV accessory

(A) Center Height: 5½"

(B) Overall Length: 33¾"

(C) Side Width: 14½"

(D) Side Height: 9½"

(E) Side Length: 9"

(F) Center Width: 12"


  • Includes 2, 6-pack sized (4.73 litre.) coolers strapped securely into place.

  • Extra storage room in center of the box for miscellaneous items.

  • Ultra-durable polyethylene will not crack, warp, or dent under extreme temperatures.

  • LOCKABLE, watertight & dust resistant to protect your gear  

  • Fits just as well on the REAR rack!

  • Available in 3 dynamic colors to complement your ATV!


Suggested Retail:  $294.95 CDN