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Front Quad Trunk



 Looking For A Smaller Compartment To Store Your Travelling Necessities?

The Tamarack Front Quad trunk is more than accomodating!  The ideal trunk for:

  • Tow straps
  • First aid kits
  • Deer scent
  • Tools
  • Flares
  • And much, much more!

The rider can easily reach over and open the Front trunk right from the seat of your ATV.

Rugged, yet sleek  with a very attractive aerodynamic look.  The Tamarack Front Quad trunk looks terrific with any ATV with a front  storage rack.

Most importantly, the Front Quad trunk provides an easy way to separate your "dirty" items from your valuables.

(A) Front Height:  5 1/4"

(B)  Overall Length: 33 3/4"   (handle to handle)

(C)  Width:  14 1/2"   (at widest point - sides)

(D) Rear Height: 7 1/4"

(E) Center Width: 11 1/2"




Suggested Retail: $189.95 CDN


Special Features of The Front Quad Trunk


  • Ultra-durable Polyethylene will not crack, warp or dent under extreme weather temperatures.
  • Zinc-plated, lockable hardware resists rusting
  • Works just as well on REAR racks for those who do not need a lot of storage space